A synchroniser for professional and transportable data



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If you were already familiar with GoodSync, the free application that helps you synchronize all of the data on your hard drive with any device or within two files on the same drive, you probably love it and wish you could bring it with you anywhere. Well, now you can with GoodSync2Go, the portable version!

GoodSync2Go automatically syncs all of your important files with your USB. The program can be installed and run from any portable device, such as a Flash drive or external hard drive.

The program uses a powerful, state of the art synchronization algorithm to locate duplicated and transformed files, automatically showing you the results of the search. In addition, it supports any file system, and there are no size limits.

In short, this is a reliable and professional application that makes it much easier for you to modify previously created files. It can find any file you're looking for.
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